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Spot a difference!

Aha, got it! There are dogs in the first picture and meat-animals in others, easy.

Sounds absurd?

Not to everyone. Every day people kill innocent beings, while at the same time they (think they) are:

  • Against animal cruelty and violence whatsoever
  • Support freedom
  • Hate injustice

You supporting violence. You are against freedom.
You are the injustice.

Stop being hypocrite.
Go Vegan.


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I, a big wrinkle, made all of these smaller wrinkles.

"Killing animals because of overpopulation is hypocritical. Because no species are as overpopulated as humans are."

- Priya Kishna (via felicefawn)

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Animal liberationists in Poland have been busy lately. As banners drops go, this is a pretty cool one.



Animal Liberation Victoria activists hold dead animals at Federation Square on October 1, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. The “memorial” aimed to raise awareness of the billions of animals killed each year for human consumption. Over 200 activists gathered with the bodies of deceased animals to publicly grieve their deaths. Dead dogs, cats, pigs and birds were among the animals held by activists wearing protective clothing.

A tombstone at the front of the demonstration, dedicated to the “memory of the Unknown Animal”, said 64 billion land animals and one trillion sea animals were killed by humans every year. Brochures were handed out by activists encouraging people to realise that “animals are not property” and that a vegan lifestyle was more ethical and caused less suffering.

Animal Liberation Victoria is against the treatment of animals as “property” and promotes a vegan lifestyle. (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

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Keep practicing.


Whales are sentient beings. Putting them in prison and forcing them to do tricks for us because they do not have opposable thumbs and their language is different than ours is a crime against nature.Boycott Sea world. Boycott Marine Land. Boycott the Aquarium. Boycott the Zoo.